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Cleaning the cartridge filter (frequency: about once/week)

Although filter brands and models may vary from pool to pool, one of the most common ones we install is this Hayward C1200 Star-Clear Plus Filter.


You will usually find the cartridge filter as part of a system of equipment we install to handle all of the workings for your pool, as shown in the diagram below:


The first thing you have to do is open the outer casing, so you can access the cartridge filter inside. Turn the butterfly nut at the top of the case counterclockwise to loosen it, and then lift off the entire filter head cover (see part 5 in diagram).


Remove the cartridge filter, but be sure not to misplace any of the parts you remove in order to get it out of the casing and you may want to print out the above drawing to use as a guide when you want to put it back together again. Use a regular garden hose to clean the filter with running water and then reinstall it.


When you've finished reassembling the casing, make a note of the pressure reading on the gauge. When the pressure has increased 10 psi above the noted amount, it will be time to clean the filter again, so be sure to check the gauge at least once a week.

The skimmer basket is easy to clean. Look for the top of the unit as shown here, somewhere on your deck next to the pool (not in it). Use the finger hole in the cover to pull the lid up and remove it. Reach in and pull the skimmer basket out. Empty it out and rinse it off with a garden hose to help keep algae or other bacteria from accumulating, then drop the basket back into place and put the cover back on. That's it! You're done. Check back next week to be sure to prevent any accumulation of leaves or other debris.

skimmer basket

Cleaning the pump basket (frequency: about once per week)

You will find the pump as part of a whole system of equipment we install to handle the workings of your pool, as shown in the diagram below:

Pump basket

Look into the top of the pump, through the Lexan® see-through strainer cover, to see if there is any debris in the basket which needs to be removed (see diagram below). If there's nothing visible, there's nothing to do today, come back and check next week!

Pump basket

If you see debris in the basket, move the swing-aside hand knobs down and lift the cover up, then lift the basket straight up and out. Empty out any debris and hose off the basket with a garden hose to prevent the accumulation of algae or other bacteria, then drop the basket back into place, replace the see-through cover and turn the swing-aside handles back up to secure it. Check back next week, or if your pump basket seems to accumulate a lot of debris every week, such as during the autumn when leaves fall more often, check back mid-week to see how it's doing.

Cleaning the skimmer basket (frequency: about once per week)

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